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Game Development Services

Year after year, gaming remains the most popular category of mobile application. From casual puzzle games to big blockbuster releases, the sheer variety and scope of gaming as a platform is stupendous. That’s why we’ve honed our skills at developing games for Android, iOS and Windows. With the right mix of experience and energy, Vr Solutions has produced a number of well-received games, including having developed software for one of India’s leading online rummy sites.

Our primary strength is working with HTML5, which we consider to be one of the most advantageous technologies available to the gaming industry. Using HTML5, we can create games that are optimized to run smoothly across smartphones, tablets, PCs and TVs. Another plus is that we can update HTML5 games anytime and anywhere with no manual effort required on the part of the user.

Our proven track record in the game development space speaks for itself - so if you’re looking to innovate in the field of gaming, you’ve come to the right place.